Release The Hounds
Scoring Summary
Period Time Team Scorer Assist Assist STR
1st 15:24 Sauce Dan Sweeney Blue Spevak Even
1st 04:50 Sauce Austin Harvey Ryan Anderson Even
1st 02:53 Sauce Trevor Magson Blue Spevak Even
1st 00:27 Sauce John Dagger Ryan Anderson Blue Spevak Even
2nd 19:20 Sauce Ryan Anderson Even
2nd 18:16 Release The Hounds George Cody Norman Hannotte Even
2nd 09:15 Sauce Austin Harvey Even
2nd 07:44 Sauce Ryan Anderson John Dagger Even
2nd 01:56 Sauce Dan Sweeney Power Play
3rd 05:53 Release The Hounds Norman Hannotte George Cody Paul Parsons Even
Penalty Summary
Period Time Team Player PIM Penalty
2nd 07:13 Release The Hounds Mike Steiner 3:00 Tripping
2nd 02:40 Release The Hounds Norman Hannotte 3:00 Roughing
Home Roster
Jersey Number Player
7 John Dagger
14 Dan Sweeney
16 Blue Spevak
26 Ryan Anderson
31 Misha Kolomensky
69 Keith Bailey
81 Ben Hament
91 Austin Harvey
96 Chris Sutton
Trevor Magson
Away Roster
Jersey Number Player
15 Mike Steiner
16 Paul Parsons
17 Norman Hannotte
30 Rich Russell
37 Taylor Kaba
62 George Cody
Travis Arnold
Scorekeeper Greg Gonsalez
Referee Dave Oettinger
Referee Dave Holmes