Parksville Oldtimers
U of Michigan
Scoring Summary
Period Time Team Scorer Assist Assist STR
1st 10:39 Parksville Oldtimers Andy McNally Even
1st 06:40 Parksville Oldtimers Kevin Milbery Bob Hoehe Andy McNally Power Play
1st 05:10 Parksville Oldtimers Tracie Bell Kevin Milbery Even
1st 04:03 U of Michigan Mick Brown Brian Bird Wayne Smith Even
1st 03:05 Parksville Oldtimers Bill Langford Even
2nd 02:09 Parksville Oldtimers Kevin Milbery Ron Default Larry Herrboldt Power Play
3rd 12:25 Parksville Oldtimers Tracie Bell Kevin Milbery Even
3rd 05:17 Parksville Oldtimers Ted Dash Even
Penalty Summary
Period Time Team Player PIM Penalty
1st 07:01 U of Michigan Peter Markle 3:00 High-Sticking
2nd 03:44 U of Michigan Bucky Dentinger 3:00 Hooking
Home Roster
Jersey Number Player
1 Charlie Holland
3 Andy McNally
4 Tracie Bell
5 John Molenar
6 Bob Hoehe
7 Ted Dash
9 Larry Herrboldt
10 Harold Stessner
14 Kevin Milbery
15 Ron Default
17 Bill Langford
Away Roster
Jersey Number Player
4 Brian Bird
6 John Cook
8 Eric Hall
12 Bucky Dentinger
13 Peter Markle
14 Alex Hood
15 Dave Crevier
16 Mick Brown
21 Jack Norqual
22 Wayne Smith
24 Eric Blank
26 Ray Swartz
Scorekeeper Connor Wilcox
Referee Bill Krzyston
Referee Mark Sine