The Mission
Scoring Summary
Period Time Team Scorer Assist Assist STR
1st 17:37 Cavaliers Rori McMillin Even
1st 16:45 Cavaliers Chris Wood Brian Marksman Even
1st 13:04 Cavaliers Taylor North Rori McMillin Even
1st 10:50 The Mission Neal Walsh Oliver Russell Even
1st 08:42 The Mission Cooper Spears Alec McQuilkin Even
1st 05:43 The Mission Brandon Gallagher Neal Walsh Even
1st 03:03 The Mission Alec McQuilkin Neal Walsh Even
1st 01:02 Cavaliers Chris Wood Even
2nd 05:35 The Mission Oliver Russell Christian Okpysh Even
2nd 02:21 The Mission Cooper Spears Joshua Kaplan Even
3rd 17:42 Cavaliers Brian Marksman George Cody Jeremy McMillin Even
3rd 17:42 The Mission Christian Okpysh Neal Walsh Even
3rd 08:02 Cavaliers Taylor North George Cody Even
3rd 07:40 The Mission Brandon Gallagher Neal Walsh Even
3rd 07:00 Cavaliers Jeremy McMillin George Cody Even
3rd 06:17 The Mission Oliver Russell Brooks Rossi Even
3rd 06:03 Cavaliers Taylor North Brian Marksman Even
3rd 04:43 Cavaliers Chris Wood Even
3rd 04:28 Cavaliers George Cody Even
Penalty Summary
Period Time Team Player PIM Penalty
2nd 15:30 Cavaliers Rori McMillin 3:00 Roughing
2nd 15:30 Cavaliers Jeremy McMillin 3:00 Hooking
2nd 11:25 The Mission Shawn Smyth 3:00 Roughing
Home Roster
Jersey Number Player
0 Stigen Westberg
8 Jeremy McMillin
9 Chris Wood
22 Brian Marksman
33 Rori McMillin
77 George Cody
97 Taylor North
Away Roster
Jersey Number Player
9 Brooks Rossi
11 Cooper Spears
13 Brandon Gallagher
14 Shawn Smyth
15 Alec McQuilkin
18 Joshua Kaplan
23 Neal Walsh
29 Christian Okpysh
34 Oliver Russell
Scorekeeper Max Gordon
Referee Mike McDevitt
Referee Mark Crowshaw