The Mission
Scoring Summary
Period Time Team Scorer Assist Assist STR
1st 19:35 The Mission Christian Okpysh Brooks Rossi Even
1st 15:21 Cavaliers Chris Wood Brett Carpenter Even
1st 06:05 Cavaliers Chris Wood Jeremy McMillin Even
1st 00:30 Cavaliers EW Rice Michael Chaloupka Even
2nd 08:05 Cavaliers George Cody Jeremy McMillin Even
2nd 06:52 The Mission Brooks Rossi Christian Okpysh Even
2nd 04:08 Cavaliers Michael Chaloupka EW Rice Even
2nd 03:05 Cavaliers George Cody Michael Chaloupka Even
3rd 16:36 The Mission Christian Okpysh Oliver Russell Even
3rd 13:23 Cavaliers Chris Wood George Cody Jeremy McMillin Even
3rd 06:11 Cavaliers EW Rice George Cody Chris Wood Even
3rd 05:38 The Mission Cameron Baron Oliver Russell Even
3rd 01:49 The Mission Shawn Smyth Cameron Baron Even
3rd 00:23 Cavaliers George Cody EW Rice Even
Penalty Summary
Period Time Team Player PIM Penalty
1st 13:32 Cavaliers Brett Carpenter 3:00 Tripping
2nd 19:33 Cavaliers Brett Carpenter 3:00 Hooking
Home Roster
Jersey Number Player
9 Brooks Rossi
14 Shawn Smyth
29 Christian Okpysh
32 Josh Donovan
34 Oliver Russell
61 Matt Sanders
Zane Elliott
Cameron Baron
Away Roster
Jersey Number Player
0 Stigen Westberg
8 Jeremy McMillin
9 Chris Wood
20 Michael Chaloupka
77 George Cody
96 Brett Carpenter
EW Rice
Scorekeeper Chris Lowe
Referee Mark Crowshaw
Referee Mike McDevitt