Release The Hounds
Scoring Summary
Period Time Team Scorer Assist Assist STR
1st 10:48 Release The Hounds George Cody Even
1st 05:00 Hooligans Tylour Mullaney Andrew Coates Tim Coates Power Play
2nd 02:22 Release The Hounds Brett Carpenter George Cody Norman Hannotte Even
3rd 11:45 Release The Hounds George Cody John Mendoza Even
Penalty Summary
Period Time Team Player PIM Penalty
1st 06:35 Release The Hounds Norman Hannotte 3:00 Hooking
2nd 15:43 Release The Hounds Peter Strauch 3:00 Unsportsmanlike Conduct
2nd 08:04 Hooligans Tylour Mullaney 3:00 Tripping
2nd 01:03 Release The Hounds Norman Hannotte 3:00 High-Sticking
Home Roster
Jersey Number Player
7 Peter Strauch
13 Paul Parsons
15 Mike Steiner
17 Norman Hannotte
18 Brett Carpenter
19 John Mendoza
27 Stigen Westberg
62 George Cody
72 Annelle Mackintosh
Away Roster
Jersey Number Player
3 Ryan Morrison
7 Shane Baruta
13 Adam Eng
19 Andrew Abbott
20 Andrew Coates
21 Matt Coates
27 Bob Mullaney
41 Tim Coates
44 Tylour Mullaney
77 Gen King
Scorekeeper Greg Gonsalez
Referee Dave Oettinger
Referee Mike McDevitt